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Our Expertise

Founded over a decade ago, with one simple idea of one game-changing platform for all your technological integration in applications, data, and devices from financial services to the Manufacturing sector catering to all industries according to their needs.

VPGTS Technologies Ltd allows you to create Integrated Experiences that transform interactions (raise revenue from new and existing customers), how you add and connect with partners, and how you transform, simplify, and boost employee engagement. Everything is on one single platform.

We focus on building solutions to help the company in every way possible and connect with others who transcend and manifest similar thoughts, views, social and civic purposes. We believe in seeing the bigger picture and make things simpler today.

What Services Do We Provide?

  • We provide a wide range of software services, such as implementation, consulting, and IT staffing, with industry specialists in a variety of technologies, including the following:

Automation Testing

  • Automated testing is a method of executing pre-scripted tests on a software application using software tools. The goal is to design or adapt a test automation framework that allows for continuous test execution, reporting, and comparisons.

API Testing

  • VPGTS API testing helps, which is focusing on business transformation through ecosystem connectivity, data unlocking, and simplification and agility in digital projects.

Oracle & Oracle SOA

  • VPGTS Technologies provides Oracle-based Enterprise Solutions implementation services by leveraging technology, whether in the Cloud or on-premises, to provide a fluid business process for our clients.

Cyber Security

  • Advanced protection for your APIs and integrations is provided by Cyber Security. Protect and regulate your application network by protecting critical data, stopping threats at the edge, and automatically enforcing security best practices.


  • MuleSoft is a data integration platform that allows you to link several data sources and applications, as well as execute analytics and ETL procedures. MuleSoft has also created connectors for SaaS applications, allowing users to analyze SaaS data alongside cloud-based and traditional data sources.


Services for testing

We have extensive experience testing websites and web-based software in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, online banking, trading portals, e-learning, and social networks, using various testing methods such as Functional, Automation mechanism, API, Performance, and integration testing

Oracle Cloud Applications

We provide Oracle-based enterprise solution and installation services, with a particular focus on Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud, and Oracle Integration Services, to assist in the transformation of supply chains using Oracle Cloud SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Website Development

Using the latest updated technology, we make a website supported by HTML, Python, Javascript, CSS3, and Django.

On-Premise Solution Integration

We provide Integration Services to help you establish a robust integration mechanism or platform for the seamless interaction of numerous technologies in a heterogeneous IT environment .