Automation Testing

Automated testing is a method of executing pre-scripted tests on a software application using software tools. The goal is to design or adapt a test automation framework that allows for continuous test execution, reporting, and comparisons. This could drastically minimise the amount of time and money you spend on testing.

The use of control systems, computers, and information technology in handling diverse operations and machinery in an industry is referred to as robotics and industrial automation. The ultimate goal is to eliminate manual work and improve overall efficiency, speed, and performance.

Engineering-led QA is how VPGTS Technology provides enterprise digital assurance. We assist our clients to become resilient by boosting their business agility and future-proofing their company while assuring speed and efficiency in a digital age, by altering QA needs.



Our experienced QA personnel have in-depth knowledge of the newest automation tools available in the market, and we at VPGTS are proficient in automation testing. Our automation services include the following:

  • Testing Services for Web Application Automation
  • Services for Mobile Test Automation
  • Services for Automated Regression Testing
  • Services for Functional Test Automation




API Testing

The pandemic problem is altering the worldwide economic environment. Collaboration and connectivity between applications, data, and processes are critical for businesses with various touchpoints. During these times, VPGTS API testing helps, which is focusing on business transformation through ecosystem connectivity, data unlocking, and simplification and agility in digital projects.

API is the layer that sits between the user interface (UI) and the database layer in the creation of software applications (apps). APIs allow data and communication to flow from one software system to another.


Why automate API Tests?

  • It can be difficult to test APIs. It’s simple to automate testing using your CI/CD pipeline. Postman enables you to reuse your test suites in a CI/CD pipeline, allowing you to test at each push. You can easily combine Postman with Jenkins to construct your own CI/CD pipeline or add it as a build step to an existing pipeline.
  • The chance of programme failure increases as the size of the programme grows. By increasing test coverage and frequency, you may design more robust and bug-resistant applications. Our command line tools, Postman and Newman, make it simple to build up your own automated testing.
  • You’ll spend less money on QA, have less lag time between development and QA, and spend less time debugging in production if you switch to automated API tests.


Performance Testing

VPGTS is a software firm that provides comprehensive and unique performance testing solutions and services. The firm has an extensive business process and industry knowledge. This organization is accessible to provide services to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Web performance testing is carried out to provide reliable information about an application’s readiness by testing the website and monitoring the server-side application. This is accomplished by modeling load as closely as feasible to real-world conditions to determine whether the application can handle the anticipated load.

This allows you to ensure system performance, as well as identify and assist in the resolution of potential difficulties, such as bottlenecks, and provide helpful recommendations on how to resolve issues (tuning of system parameters, modification of software, or hardware upgrade).


Performance Testing includes many services, including:

  • Testing in Large Numbers
  • Testing Under Load
  • Stress Analysis
  • Testing on a large scale
  • Soak Testing (Endurance Testing)

Blockchain Testing

Organizations all around the world are looking for a modern, secure platform that can store and manage digital data while allowing it to be readily distributed across numerous providers. Blockchain technology is one such solution that is gaining traction around the world.


VPGTS Technologies ensures that your Blockchain application passes all validation tests while also keeping a close eye on privacy and security concerns. We provide Blockchain application testing services using non-functional and functional testing approaches, as well as targeted methods such as security, performance, and accessibility testing.


To ensure confidence, testers must confirm that all of a blockchain’s components are functioning properly and that all applications are communicating with it in a secure manner. Functional, performance, API, node testing, and other special tests are some of the key tests that should be done.