Oracle & Oracle SOA


Oracle empowers modern businesses with an integrated set of apps, databases, servers, storage, and cloud technologies. Flexibility is essential for most businesses. Oracle offers a variety of software, systems, and cloud deployment strategies, including public, on-premises, and hybrid clouds, to guarantee that technology adapts to a company’s specific demands.




VPGTS Technologies provides Oracle-based Enterprise Solutions implementation services by leveraging technology, whether in the Cloud or on-premises, to provide a fluid business process for our clients. We provide Supply Chain Management professionals who will assess your business needs and give high-quality business solutions to streamline your supply chain procedures and inventory turnovers.


We offer Implementation Services for:

  • Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management.
  • Oracle Value Chain Planning Implementation.
  • Oracle Order Management Implementation.
  • Oracle Procurement Cloud Implementation.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite.

Oracle Integration Services:

We provide Integration Services to help you establish a robust integration mechanism or platform for the seamless interaction of numerous technologies in a heterogeneous IT environment. Our Technical Consultants have extensive knowledge of Middleware technologies for integrating Oracle Enterprise Solutions in both cloud and on-premises environments.

We provide services:

  • On-Premise solution integration for large organizations utilizing Oracle SOA Suite.
  • Oracle Cloud Integration Platform enables easy integration of third-party systems with Oracle cloud-based Enterprise solutions.

Oracle Analytics and Business Intelligence:


Our analytics experts will work with you to create custom solutions that will help you get the most out of Oracle Business Intelligence and Analytics. Our team of professionals specializes in analyzing company needs across various industries and developing custom reporting tools and dashboards that enable business users to access and analyze data in the system in the most efficient way possible to aid in decision-making.

Key Advantages:

  • By presenting data in the most digestible manner, you can assist businesses in making educated decisions.
  • Graphs and charts are used to visualize data.
  • To meet day-to-day information needs, interactive Dashboards and custom reports are being developed.

Cyber Security

Advanced protection for your APIs and integrations is provided by Cyber Security. Protect and regulate your application network by protecting critical data, stopping threats at the edge, and automatically enforcing security best practices.

  • Create smart, secure boundaries:

Define threat-blocking Edge gateways with feedback loops that harden over time.

  • Safeguard confidential information:

To ensure secrecy, automatically detect and tokenize sensitive data in transit.

  • By default, security is embedded:

Enforce global policies, implement best practices throughout the API lifespan, and keep an eye on compliance.

  • Accessibility should be uniform:

Create standard authentication and authorization API patterns and make them available as fragments to encourage reuse rather than building new, potentially insecure code.


MuleSoft is a data integration platform that allows you to link several data sources and applications, as well as execute analytics and ETL procedures. MuleSoft has also created connectors for SaaS applications, allowing users to analyze SaaS data alongside cloud-based and traditional data sources.


MuleSoft’s platform includes the following key components:

  • Any point Design Center — A set of development tools for designing APIs, implementing integration flows, and creating connectors.
  • Any point Management Center — A centralized Web interface for controlling all aspects of the platform, including API users, traffic, SLAs, and underlying integration flows, among other things.
  • Any point Exchange – It is a collaborative site where you can look for prebuilt, private, and public reusable materials.
  • Mule Runtime Engine- It combines real-time application integration and orchestration with powerful data integration.
  • Any point Connectors — Provides assets and tools out of the box to help you connect faster, as well as tools to help you construct your own.
  • Runtime Services — A comprehensive set of service platforms that deliver enterprise-grade security, scalability, and high availability.