Cloud Solutions:

The VPGTS Technologies have certified technical architects, consultants, and developers on the team who have extensive Salesforce experience. They thrive on seeing the full picture and working closely with customers to build and architect the “best-fit” solution for any issue. The team is laser-focused on tackling the present issue while also considering future use-cases in order to scale up.

VPGTS Technologies strives to provide a high-value experience that extends beyond technical competence, whether providing agile training, introducing new delivery systems, or extending customers’ delivery teams.





Accelerate your cloud strategy with AWS and VPGTS Technologies by leveraging prebuilt connectors and APIs to effortlessly integrate data – whether in the cloud, on-premises or in a SaaS application.

  • Start developing an app today: Prebuilt connectors for AWS, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Workday, and more let you build faster.
  • Create a developer ecosystem that is collaborative from start to finish: Simplify and streamline communication with Anypoint ExchangeTM, a marketplace that allows your team to save, discover, and reuse APIs and integration assets in a controlled environment.
  • APIs can help you streamline your cloud move: By employing APIs to operate legacy systems in parallel with newer cloud workloads, you can reduce downtime and increase time-to-value while migrating to the cloud.


Data Science

We integrate sound data management, advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, and cutting-edge digital engagement tactics at VPGTS Technologies to better measure audience intent, communicate effectively, and deliver measurable results that have the power to influence public perception.

  • Data + Identity Management: We help establish the groundwork for optimal data practices, from digital touchpoint event management through data harmonization.
  • Analytics + Predictive Modelling: Our tailored models help you identify interesting trends in data and exploit them for improved outcomes, whether it’s churn, segmentation, lift, cross-sell, or anything else.
  • Digital Engagement + Audience Development: We can assist you with identifying and gathering information about your customers, fans, readers, or donors so that you may develop meaningful connections that result in outcomes.
  • Message Resonance Testing + Research: We take the uncertainty out of campaign strategy and content delivery with our baseline research, polling, and message testing.